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About Woven Inc Ltd

Beautifully British: It Is What it Is

Woven Inc. Ltd is one of the UKs leaders in custom clothing providing only the highest standards of screen printing, embroidery, transfers and garment finishing. We wouldn’t be where we are without our loyal customers.
Our team has a vast amount of experience in custom clothing including screen printing and embroidery but we also strive to improve which is why we devote time to research and development every week. As a team we have travelled the globe to find the latest and techniques used by some of the world leaders in custom clothing to obtain the best result for our customers.

Our Facilities

Woven Inc. Ltd has grown tremendously in the last few years, needless to say thanks to our trusty clients and our dedicated staff. We started out in 2012 wanting to service the local businesses but by April 2015 we had tripled our sales which led us to move into a bigger unit. We now operate from our head office in the northeast, which house the majority of our team. The newest addition to Woven Inc Ltd is our new factory which houses our sales team and full production in the North East of England.
Everything takes place under the one roof, from the questions answered over the phone to the full manufacturing process, nothing is farmed out. We are in the process of adding additional equipment and services to make sure we can offer everything possible.

Our Staff

Our teams are fully trained in all areas and will understand your needs but we haven’t mastered the skill of mind reading yet. Without all the members in the team Woven Inc Ltd wouldn't be what it is today and Woven Inc Ltd is grateful to be able to have such a unique family.
No ones perfect so if there’s something they don’t know they will find it out for you or work out a way to definitely get you what you want. They can help to advise you on the best garments to use along with the process to suit your design. They’re no mind readers so try giving them the best information you can for them to help fit your garments to your needs. If we can’t do what you are after (which isn’t very often) we do know someone who will be able to help you. Business is business and we are happy to help in anyway possible.
Our sales team know there stuff but where the real magic happens is on the shop floor, these guys have unreal skill. They are the cogs of the business and they produce the beautiful products for you all, from the pre prep, to the manufacturing, finishing and dispatch they run smoothly.

Our Promise

Here at Woven Inc. Ltd we thrive on quality and the dedication to our clients. Not just in the way we run our business and production but most importantly, the way we treat you (our customers).

Sometimes things may not go to plan but we will always be on hand to fix and rectify any problems. We want to see our clients doing well and returning with a smile, so we will go above and beyond to make sure this happens.

If you’re not happy with your current service or they can’t give you what you need, ask us, we love a good challenge. If we promise you something we will do our best to complete it fully to the point of completion.


We've had multiple orders from Ian and the team and be it large or small theyev always been 100 percent with us! Really take care of you and make you feel like an important customer. Thanks to you all!

Paul Cowen

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