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3D Embroidery

The Best Of The Best

One of the newest strings to our bow, Puff Embroidery otherwise known 3D Embroidery is fast becoming a popular choice for a lot of our clients.

If you’ve not already heard of Puff embroidery also known as 3D Embroidery. It’s a technique, which allows you to raise the surface of your designs, making them essentially three-dimensional. 3D Foam can give your designs a complete creative boost, transforming them completely. However some parts of the technique may be a little tricky so not all designs are possible. Size and design are critical when making sure you get the best effect for Puff Embroidery.

Puff embroidery is a technique where foam is inserted under the top stitch to raise the surface, giving a three-dimensional look to your embroidery designs. The 3D foam effect is commonly used on garments that don’t require much washing. Apparel like caps, jackets and other outerwear are pieces that are best suited for this technique.


Typically the design plays a huge part, if the design is too intricate, small or design is too closely spaced the design will not work. If the design is too thick the thread will not have the best coverage over the foam base.

Foam colour is also important: it is best to use the same colour as your top thread as any excess foam would be less visible.

Subject matter is also important: 3D foam works best with satin stitching. If the object you want to raise can’t be digitized in satin, then you shouldn’t use foam. Carefully select the right garments for these types of embroidery, they work best and last much longer on items which are typically washed.


The 3D foam technique is different to standard flat embroidery in the following ways:

  • Capping – Where the top stitch is not covering the foam, a separate object is created to cap the corners usually running in a perpendicular direction.

  • Securing stitches – These are needed to hold two objects together.

  • Stitch density – Spacing between penetrations needs to be denser to help cut and cover the excess foam

  • Top thread tension – This is usually loose when stitching a foam design.

Fonts and basic shapes are commonly used. More Pull Compensation is needed for the thickness of the foam.


Depends on the size and detail of the design. Not all designs can be done in 3D Embroidery, its always best to check first.


We run single units or in multiples of 4 but pricing does vary with quantities pieces for 3D Embroidery


Yes you can change colours but there is  fee for the change and there must be changes in multiples of 4


Yes we can although we would have to charge the digitising fee upfront (£25 per design). Check out our shop, we have sample packs on there for the Flexfit classic snapback and the retro trucker.


Standard turn around times can be up to 14 working days from approving your digital copy.


Send all artwork over to info@woveninc.com and the garments you’d like and we can price from there.

2D Embroidery

The Experts At Embroidery

Woven Inc. Ltd has mountains of experience when it comes to embroidery and we only use the best machines for the job. BUT without our in house expert digitizing team we wouldn’t be anything. Our embroidery is some of the best around; just see what we have produced for our clients.

We have a total of 20 state of the art multi head machines, which have the capability to produce approximately 50,000 items of embroidered clothing per week. Logos can be added to most garments, if you’re stuck or need help with embroidered clothing please don’t hesitate to contact one our experts and they will be more than happy to run through everything with you.


We can advise what will and will not work and which garments will ultimately produce the best finish for you. Digitising is the most important part of the embroidery process; it’s the process that converts your image into a set of co-ordinates and references thread colour’s in your design. Which when followed will produce your beautiful work onto the garment of your choice.

There is a fee involved in Digitising, but you’re only charged this fee once, for repeat orders you will not be charged this fee.

You will be given a unique code, which will refer to each logo; size and colour so you have complete consistency through all your orders.

Application Only

You Supply The Garments: We Just Do The Embroidery

Here at Woven Inc Ltd. we offer an embroidery only service but with embroidery only comes some strict rules to follow. We all know rules aren’t ‘cool’ but we aren’t trying to be cool we just want to make sure your jobs aren’t mixed with any of our own.

We presume when you are ordering a embroidery only job your are agreeing with our ‘uncool’ rules.

If you do have any questions feel free to contact us at any point and we will be happy to help on 

0191 5436966 



Application  ONLY RULES

NO CREDIT TERMS: We require payment upfront before any visuals are sent from us.

We require the following information from you when placing a print only job:

  • Garments i.e T-shirts, Hoods etc.

  • Garment brand.

  • Colour ways for each garment.

  • Full size break for each garment and colour way.

If you have several different designs for mixture of garments we need clear instructions. Goods will be visualised from our end, if theres any mistakes please notify our artwork team.

All artwork needs to be sent in a vector format only.

Once we have received payment we will forward all information onto our artwork team, they will then send visuals within 78 hours. We need an approval directly back to our artwork team to move ahead with production. Turn around will be up to 14 working days from approving your artwork. Stock is to be sent the following day.

We require the following information when sending your own stock:

  • Exact delivery date.

  • Who the stock is sent from i.e your supplier or which delivery company.

  • The stock needs to be clearly marked as your own.

  • If we don’t have the above information we can not take responsibility for any stock allocated to our own jobs.

  • We will NOT accept any part deliveries, if any goods are on back order we will not hold your job to wait for extra stock.

  • We will NOT take resposibly for any damaged or missing goods.

  • Any shortages on stock will also NOT be refunded or credited back to your account.

  • Any incorrect goods sent out to you will not be returned or refunded at our end.

  • **All goods remain the property of Woven Inc Ltd untill they are fully paid for.


We Use the Finest Threads In The Business

We use only the best threads available and in our experience there’s no better than Madeira Threads. Threads cannot be pantone referenced but we can get a match as close as possible. So if you have print and embroidery on your jobs we can match as best as possible however please note thread and print references may not be exact match.



Madeira’s head office is in Freiburg, in south west Germany, where the company was founded by the grandfather of the current owners, almost ninety years ago. Madeira UK was one of the first Madeira daughter companies when it was established in 1983. It is now one of seventeen Madeira companies worldwide, alongside the many global agents and distributors.

Surrounded by beautiful countryside in Melmerby near Ripon, North Yorkshire, England, Madeira UK has the added advantage of being two minutes from the centre of the A1M major trunk road system, leading from London to Edinburgh and linking with strategic east to west routes. International airports, major train routes and even docks are around one hour away, so receipt of stock and dispatch to customer premises is always speedy and efficient.

The modern warehouse at Madeira UK holds embroidery and sewing threads produced by the parent company, together with accessories such as needles, toppings and backings, scissors, felts, sprays and prewound bobbins from quality suppliers worldwide.

Company Number: 8131212 

VAT Number: GB140433160

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