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if you don't have the machines. Look no further we can provide the service!


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Need Some Help

Contract Embroidery

All The Inside Info To All Our Embroidery Services
We have All kinds of EMBROIDERY processes

if you don't have the machines. Look no further we can provide the service!
Looking for high volume or just the free range to supply your own stock, not to worry with our contract embroidery services we have this all under control for you. Woven Inc Ltd has been embroidering garments since 2012, it doesn’t seem like long but collectively and we all previously have had multiple amounts of experience to make sure you are in the best hands possible. Our contract garment embroidery services vary although we will give you estimated turn around times based on the designs and quantities. With this said we have dealt with some unbelievable contracts but as you can imagine we hold our contract embroidery services under wraps. We hold full non disclosure to protect our clients so their end users are not aware they didn’t complete the application. Of course with the approval of our clients we can disclose some of our work.

To keep things super hush hush we can even batch up your orders under plain cover.


Well with Woven Inc we understand the strain of costing when you are the middle man or licensing company. Therefore we provide contract embroidery services to our trade customers and end users, so that you can have the control of product and you only have the overheads of the application cost. Contract Embroidery Pricing will vary upon quantities, design locations and sizing within the design.We have a basic and minimum charge per unit regardless of how small or how low the stitch count may be. Within this service we can also provide additional finishing services should you need these as an optional extra.


Our contract embroidery is always looking for the newest techniques and the best finishes.

It seems like a lot to take in but we have a full break down of processes explained on our embroidery page we have some other answers below. You can even explain or send us examples of what you like and we can match up as best as possible.

We have really developed our skills in the design aspect, where by we create all DST files in house. All digital artwork has to be converted into a DST file which turns it from a digital image into a set of stitches. This process is the most important whereby it will create running stitches, breaks and stops for the production team to ensure all portions of the logo sit correctly together. Therefore we make sure every stitch is in the right place before we pass anything through production.

We understand some clients may already have their own files, we can use your own which isn’t a problem but please bear in mind that some design software or set ups are not compatible with all machinery. Or sometimes (without offence) we can generally create a better piece of artwork as we know how to get the best results out of our machines.


What are digitising Charges?

It's the fee payable if you do not supply your own DTS files. We charge the fee for the service to change your digital into stitches.

Do you have minimum orders?
Our embroidery services are one of a kind but we don’t have minimum units but we do have a minimum contract embroidery price. If you aren’t sure just send us an enquiry and we can get everything over to you asap.

How long do you take?
Generally anywhere up to 14 working day is a normal turn around from approving your artwork, obviously if they are ready any sooner we will ship them immediately. Although when ordering in busy season please leave up to 18 workings days to receive your order. Turn around times are not set deadlines they are estimated times for completion therefore your stock could be with you much sooner or slightly after this estimated date.

Can I see my design before placing an order?
We do not visualise orders before confirming and paying for the order. As you can appreciate it takes a lot of time and attention to visuals all artwork before it goes to a printing stage. Once you have confirmed and made payment on your order all artwork is passed over to our design team and they will visualise your order back to you for approval before anything goes to print.

***We need an approval directly to our design team before any production starts.

What size prints can I have?
Based on T-shirts see the maximum sizes and locations below, sizing will vary depending on the product and product size you choose, screens and prints are one size fits all. Check out our comparisons page for other varations, we do have oversized screens but they are price and sizing on application.

E.G if you have an Extra small Garment and a Triple Extra Large Garment the print can only go as large as a the Extra Small. Therefore it will look large on the Extra Small but on a Triple Extra Large it will look small in comparison to the garment size.

Lines open 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday

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2D Embroidery

Woven Inc. Ltd has mountains of experience when it comes to embroidery and we only use the best machines for the job. BUT without our in house expert digitizing team we wouldn’t be anything. Our embroidery is some of the best around; just see what we have produced for our clients.

We have a total of 20 state of the art multi head machines, which have the capability to produce approximately 50,000 items of embroidered clothing per week. Logos can be added to most garments, if you’re stuck or need help with embroidered clothing please don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts and they will be more than happy to run through everything with you. We always strive to meet deadlines and provide quality products at a competitive price.
Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing our customers with superior customer service, as well as producing high-quality embroidery designs that will last for years. We use customer feedback to improve our services and expand our product range.



3D Embroidery

Puff Embroidery otherwise known 3D Embroidery is fast becoming a popular choice for a lot of our clients.

If you’ve not heard of Puff embroidery, also known as 3D Embroidery. It’s a technique which allows you to raise the surface of your designs, making them essentially three-dimensional. 3D Foam can give your designs a complete creative boost, transforming them completely. However, some parts of the technique may be a little tricky, so not all designs are possible. Size and design are critical when making sure you get the best effect for Puff Embroidery.

Puff embroidery is a technique where foam is inserted under the top stitch to raise the surface, giving a three-dimensional look to your embroidery designs. The 3D foam effect is commonly used on garments that don’t require much washing. Apparel like caps, jackets and other outerwear are best suited for this technique. The foam is cut into the desired shape, colour and size for your design, then heat sealed to the back of the fabric.
Puff embroidery often uses a slightly heavier thread than standard thread, so it can better hold the foam in place and give you an extra-dimensional look. With careful attention to placement and tension, the result is an eye-catching design with added texture. Puff embroidery is perfect for creating standout apparel designs that will make our customers look great!