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Frequently Asked Questions

You Asked, We Answered

How Do We Get In  Touch

You have four ways to get our attention:
Call: 0191 543 6966 
Online: Ask for a quote on any of our products 
Visit: Book An Appointment, Click Make An Appointment on the top line to book in your 1 hour consultation.

What are screens and why do i have to pay them?

The Screen charges cover the cost of having the design made into a screen. This charge is ‘one off’ but please note you do not own the separation files, films or the screens. (if the design has not been used in over a year this charge will be charged again). Therefore, if you wanted to place another order in the future with the same design there would be no setup charge within 1 year.

Screen print setup is charged at £25 per screen (ex VAT). One screen is required for each different design, and different screens are required for each colour printed, each change in size or reversed images and for each different location of printing. For example, a one colour front and back print requires two screens if the design on the front is different to the design on the back. OR You have a one colour logo and the same logo for the front and back but the front is a small left breast size and the back is a big back design you would need two screens.

**** please note you do not own the separation files, films or the screens. We do not sell printed screens, we can however send you your films but this would incur a £15 (ex vat) fee for each film needed plus your delivery fee.

What is a digitising fee?

Digitising fees are charged to turn your logo into DTS files, if you can't provide the files yourself. The cost is a one off fee, you will be charged per logo and per type i.e if you need the same logo in both a 2d file or a 3d file and per size. 
If you have your own files to send please make your sales rep aware, although if we have to amend or change the file we will have to charge the digitising fee as normal.
***Please Note you do not own these files, we can however send you the DST files at a release charge of £15 per file.


No, you wouldn’t have to pay for new screens unless they are in a CMYK format, which would need to be reassessed. The only other reason for a new screen charge would be if you changed the position or size of the design.
We keep screens for approximately one year after your print order; if a design is reordered within this time frame then screens will be free. Outside of these terms a half price screen remake will be charged.


Send all the below information over to your sales rep via Email:

  • Full Name & Company Name

  • Delivery Address

  • Telephone Number

  • Product Quantities

  • Garments & Colours

  • Size Breaks (per garment)

  • Production Instructions (i.e placements and print colours) 

  • All Artwork Files

Once payment is complete it will be passed over to our artwork team who will send visual proofs for you to sign off on before we head into production.

What Happens Next

Once the order has been confirmed and the above is correct along with payment in full it will be passed over to artwork who will be in touch within 78 hours with their visual proof to sign off on for either:

Screenprint/Transfer/DTG- New artwork to be approved by email or reproofs to be re approved by email to make sure all artwork is correct. ***we must have an email confirming your approval

Embroidery - You will only get digitising to approve if it is new artwork or sizing. If your artwork is as previous this will be passed straight to purchasing for your order to begin.

***we must have an email confirming your first approval

Once approvals have been made your order will be with you within 14 working days, unless agreed otherwise with your sales executive and is stated on your invoice. Our working days are Monday-Friday, we do not work weekends.

Is there a minimum order for screenprint

Screenprint Minimum quantities are as follows:

20 items for up to 2 Colours in 2 Locations.
50 Items for up to 3 Colours in 3 Locations

Over 100 items for 4 Colours and over. 

Pricing does vary on locations and colours in reference to quantities, its always best to send your designs and placement instructions along with your quantities and garments. 


Of course, As long as you have 20 garments per design you can mix the garments and sizes. If you'd like to opt for a colour change we require a minimum of 15 items per colour change. Please make sure that if you chose a mixture of garment colours you will be charged a £15 Colour Change fee if you are changing ink colours too

Whats your maximum print size

Print size really depends on the smallest size of garment you choose. Screens are a one size print fits all garments

We can go through all of this when confirming your order or it can be an amendable choice at artwork approval stage.

Whats your Turn Around time

At Woven Inc Limited we always try to get any job out as quick as possible. We work on a first come first serve basis, this means our turn around times can be up to a 14 working day turn around.

Express Service- see terms and conditions section for notes. 

****Please note these are working days not weekdays please note that bank holidays will also effect this. 

However if you need a quick turn around we do offer an express service, please call us to make sure we can achieve your delivery date (there also will be an express service charge)

Finally quantities can vary on this, if you have a large quantity we will advise you it this effects anything. 

Do you have an express service

Yes, for express turnaround orders (3 working days) add  for orders under £150 it will be a flat rate of £50 plus vat. Anything over £150 add 25% to your order total. Please contact us and make us fully aware of when you need the goods in your hands before placing the order.

Who do you ship with?

We ship directly with DPD; we will enter your email address so that you get a next day notification with an hour time slot. If you are a marketing company and we are delivering under plain cover we can still add your contacts details so they are aware of when they will get their delivery.

How much is shipping

Flat rate of £10 (ex vat) per box. Pre 10:30 delivery £20 (ex vat) per box. Pre 12 noon delivery £18 (ex vat). Saturday deliveries are available price upon application. We do ship overseas but it will be price upon application.
You can generally fit up to 100 pieces (T-shirts) or 50 pieces (Hoodies & Coats) per box

Can I Collect?

Yes, you can collect Monday – Friday anytime from 9am-4:30pm sometime we do have staff working on a saturday so you may be able to collect on a saturday but please contact us to make sure someone will be in. If someone is collecting on your behalf please make sure they bring your invoice as confirmation.

How Do I Reduce My Pricing?

If the quote is out of your budget there are a number of ways to reduce the cost: – Select different garments from the same brand they do often have a cheaper option. Or you can ask us to give you advice on an alternative brand at a lower rate.

  • Printing onto white garments is generally a cheaper option, all coloured garments are normally more expensive. – Reducing the number of colours in your logo will reduce the print & set up costs.

  • Fewer print positions = less cost.

  • Reducing the number of colour changes and the finishing extras will bring the cost per item down.

  • For embroidery, choosing a smaller, or a logo that isnt so intricate will reduce the cost as embroidery price is based on the stitch count.

  • Increasing your order quantity means the print cost per item may reduce. Pay more to save money. It makes sense. Honestly.

  • Or if we are more expensive than another company you can always forward the quote your have recieved from them to us and we can look into price matching (we cant always garantee a match but we will do our best)

  • Our print price breaks are 20, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, and 5000.

Can I Get Samples

Yes, we have four different types of samples, unfortunately all of which need to be paid for. 

Blank Garment Samples- single unit cost, non refundable un returnable. Alternatively you can use it in your final order.

Embroidery - we don't have minimums on embroidery, you will just pay a higher unit cost and all digitising fees upfront.(non refundable)

Screenprint -  there is a flat rate fee of £50 per garment plus screen charges on top. You can see a selection of our work on any of our social media or our blog. We are currently running off some personal print samples which you can order to see the quality of print, but at this moment in time this is a working progress.

In Store - You might be lucky enough, we may have some items in stock you can see, also types of print and embroidery we have done for other clients. Although if you are coming in store please visit the make and appointment section on the top line to book in a consultation. 

Can I Supply My Own Garments?

Yes of course. We do a print & embroidery only services please see services page and follow the rules from there.

 Can you supply any garment?

Within reason yes, we recently removed all products from our website due to stock issues and items being discontinued. We do however have brochures available on our brand see stock page so you can take an in-depth look at what are our popular sellers. We have a huge selection of garments and brands it's best contact us and we can help you find exactly what your looking for.

What Inks Do you Use?

We can get access to any ink you need, we normally print in either Discharge, Waterbase or Plastisol inks.
But we can do 3M prints, Metallic/Puff/Glitter/Fluorescent/Foils/Glow. Subject to additional printing costs.

Specialist inks are charged at a higher rate and require a minimum quantity break. 


For all screen-printed goods we will supply either straight pot colours or if you have a slightly different shade we will produce a pantone reference. A pantone reference is a code for the exact ink colour way we have for your print. This allows us to re print in the exact same shades every time for you job. If you have your own pantone references for your design please let us know. We do not accept hex codes so please find your closest match to a Pantone Reference (Coated). 
****PLEASE NOTE not every ink process can follow a pantone reference.

I want my embroidery or transfer to match my print?

When trying to match each different application we do try our best to get the closest match, although it is not always possible.Transfers come from a digital printer so the shades will be slightly out, and embroidery works on threads although there's a lot to chose from we can only try and match as best as possible by eye.
Straight colours are easy enough to match through out but we can't guarantee a perfect match on shaded colours.


Yes we can pantone reference your jobs especially with plastisol inks, you cant exact pantone reference with discharge inks but we will get as close as possible by eye. You cannot pantone reference Embroidery, DTG or Vinyl/Transfer work.


Yes we can offer this for you, all individual names and numbers will be printed using heat applied Vinyl. PLEASE NOTE: if you want individual names and number the same as any print or embroidery it will not be exactly the same. It will be as close as possible; you are best of going for white or black options.


Yes we can do this for you, however please allow slightly longer lead times to complete this. Please note you would not get your embroidery visual on the same as your print visuals, you may find an X to show the position. Also the embroidery may be a slightly different shade to you print but we will match as close as possible.

Do You Do Finishing?

Yes we offer several finishing services such as relabeling either printed labels or woven labels, folding and bagging & a swing ticketing service and Barcoading.


Yes, we are VAT registered, our VAT number is

GB 140 433 160.

VAT is not included in online prices; we also price ex vat so please take this into consideration when you are placing any orders. You will receive a VAT invoice after payment has been received. VAT is not charged on childrens garments.


Yes, unless you are a company off shore and all goods are shipped

What Format should i supply my artwork in?

For the best results artwork should be supplied in vector format (.ai, .eps, .cdr) or layered photoshop files (.psd). Please see artwork guidelines for help.


We do offer a redraw service of £50 per hour, but it would really depend on what you mean by a bit rough!


All payment options are shown at the bottom of your Quote or Invoice.

We take the following methods of payment:

Cash before we process

Bank Transfer

Card Payment via pay online link (invoice only)

Card via phone/shop front

***We no longer accept cheques

*** For international payments please request our overseas transaction PDF - there will be a wire fee applicable.

What are your bank details?

We bank with Lloyds please set up the below account:
Sort Code: 77-29-18
Account No: 396 368 68
When sending payments please reference your quote or invoice number.

What is your company number?

COMPANY NO. 8131212

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