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Woven Fabric Labels

Get The Low Down On Everything You Need To Know About Labels Printed Or Woven. Also these can go by the name of Tax Tabs, Neck Labels, Branded Labels, Clothing Labels, Content Labels, C&C Lables, Relabelling Services Hang Tabs or Care Labels.

With different fabrics and styles hopefully this will help. 
Get the low down and understand which method is right for you. If you have your own labels currently we will happily apply these for you, just give us the instructions. Majority of the time we supply the rebranded material whether it be printed or woven. Our team professionally remove and replaced with your own customised version. 

Printed Labels
An Ink Alternative: Single Colour Artwork Pressed Directly Into The Neck Line Of The Garment.


Printed Labels and printed fabric labels are so easy to run, we charge a one off fee for the screen set up, this is charged to set up every size needed to go onto one screen. Printed neck labels can be printed in one colour up to a size of  (W)75mm  x (H)95mm.  We print these in one colour, we normally suggest a tonal grey so it will work well throughout all garment colours you choose. Thes can only be done in one colour, if you would like different colours in each garments there would be a colour change fee. 

Clothes Label Printing

 Printed  labels work by printing onto a special paper and then pressed into any garment. These work perfectly on any garment or fabric content, we recommend this process for cost wise and the fact that you can barely see the print on the back of the garment. 

Great for low minimum runs, with only minimums of 20 units combined, extras can be printed and stored on site.  We automatically print these in a tonal grey, if you wish to have an alternative shade people make sure it is specified on your order. 


Our second choice in the printing catagorie, Screenprinted directly into the garment. These come with minimum runs of 200 units per size and colour. 

We dont recommend this style as you will see the print on the reverse of t-shirts, although it is an available options. 


Why not take a look at some examples of printed labels you can have set up. If you don't have your own don't worry we can set them up for you at a £25 fee.

Extremely small text may not print 100% so keep in mind the size of your logos and font as you could be missing letters which our team may not notice or you will have a larger chance of them washing off sooner than you wish. 

Please remember care labels are your own responsability, so make sure you have the correct instructions on there before you approve your artwork. 

Garment Labels

UK law governs that you’re garments need only include the fibre content of the garment and the percentage of fibre content. For example 100% cotton. Information such as care instructions and country of origin etc are not mandatory. 

Printed Clothing Labels

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Woven FABRIC Labels

Woven fabric labels are produced on a loom. Your logo/wording is woven into the piece of material. A printed label is different because your logo/wording is printed on top of the material rather than being woven into the material.


woven labels run in minimums of 1,000 units per design, colour way & sizes should you require those on the label. We can advise on the correct label for you. We store these on site unless asked otherwise. 

Damask Woven Labels

Our favourite option, the most common type of woven labels are damask woven labels. 

Damask labels are made up of polyester yarns, which come in hundreds of colours. These Labels  can weave fine details with a maximum of 12 colours for damask woven labels. The more colours you choose the more expensive these could be.  

Damask High Definition Labels

Typically considered high end and used for intricate details, such as signatures or small text. Damask is a thinner thread then other woven fabric labels, often referred to as Denier Density.

Damask woven labels are cut with a heat knife or sonic laser, which adheres the threads together to prevent fraying.

Satin Woven Labels

Satin woven labels are soft, shiny, and has a vintage look. 

Satin polyester threads weave the background, while regular damask polyester threads are used to weave the text and design on your label. 

Satin labels don’t weave small details and lettering as well as damask labels. For satin woven labels, the only colours available for the background is white. The threads used for the logo and lettering of the satin woven labels are the same as the damask woven threads. There is a maximum of 8 colours for woven labels. 

Satin labels are cut with a heat knife or sonic laser.

Taffeta Woven Labels

A Cheaper alternative to satin or damask, although they are the best for weaving small details, While taffeta has more background colour options than satin, the options are more limited than damask.

Taffeta polyester threads are used for the background, while damask polyester threads weave the design.

Taffeta is the most economical woven label available and is priced lower than damask or satin. If you are looking for a nice, inexpensive label to put on the side of bags, hats, scarves, etc, taffeta woven labels could be perfect. 

It is not so great for weaving small details in artwork, but can weave small letters nicely.. 

These labels are perfect for swimsuit & towels, with a number of colours to choose from for the design and lettering, although background colours can be limited. 

Taffeta labels are cut with a heat knife, sonic knives or laser.

Rubber Labels

Rubber labels, which are a high quality and robust label type, are widely used in products such as coats, shoes, bags. They have a soft and smooth structure and are suitable for all weather conditions.

Thermo Backed Labels

A more expensive choice, although a great option. These labels have an adheasive backing and they are availble to be dye cut to your design. Normally applied with head and pressure to ensure they will not come away from your product.   Labels of this type have a thermal glue coating on their back side that allows the application with an iron or a hot press. Due to its industrial quality, the glue is very resistant and will also endure many washings. Note that the labels are not removable anymore.

Damask woven labels are cut with a heat knife or sonic laser, which adheres the threads together to prevent fraying.

Bed Labels

Woven and Printing labels are used in many sectors as well as bed and sleep groups. Usually these are the large labels with the instructions of your company and the logo of your company. Possible to fold or make them straight cut or non woven backing, self or thermo adhesive on the back side same as standard labels.