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Printed Neck Labels


Our Awesome Printed Neck Labels

Printed neck labels (sometimes referred too as tag less neck labels) are rapidly becoming the first choice when it comes to garment finishing because of their ease and value for money. Not everyone loves woven clothing wlabels in garments as they can often irritate or rub on the back of your neck, so there is a perfect alternative.

Unlike woven labels you don’t have to order 1000 or even have a huge amount per size, all we ask is that you have at least 20 pieces in total. Printed neck labels can be printed in one colour, they are printed in plastisol onto a transfer paper, glued and they they are set ready for us to press directly into the neckline. (any colour of your choice) up to a size of (W)70mm x (H)90mm. One screen would cover all sizes.


Woven Inc neck labels are a great way to fully customize your garment because it makes it 100% unique to your brand/company. The process may sound easy but it’s a delicate process, by carefully removing the original label without causing any damage we can then pressed direct on to the garment with your logo, size and care instructions to your choice. Why not take a look at some examples below.

Screen printed neck labels & garment finishing

You can opt for screen printed neck labels, although you need to pay for each size screen and you would require a minimum of 200 items per size option. These again will only be produced in one colour. 

If you’re stuck for an idea just let us know and our specially trained art department can design these for you or point you in the right direction. When you put your order together, we’ll proof all artwork including your printed neck labels to sign off on. If you want to change the layout at any point just let our team know and we can tweak things before you approve. See pretty simple right!

Dress Labels

Woven Labels

Versatile: Use In The Neck Line or Extra Decoration On Any Garment

Woven labels are the traditional way to re-brand your garments to make your own mark in the market. Our fully trained seamstress will carefully unpick the neckline, remove the original label and replace it with your own woven label in a way where no one would ever know. Woven labels do not just have to be applied to the neck they can also be applied to hems and sleeves to give your garments some individuality.


If you already have woven labels we can apply these for you, its not a big deal. Once you have placed your order just send us your labels and about 10% extra and we can apply them for you. Or, if you want to send them all, we can store them at our end. If not, don’t worry, we can arrange for these to be made for you along with the design if needed – just ask!

We can supply, apply, and then store your labels for your next line or reprints. We can produce any size you require in the following styles:

  • Loop Fold
  • Centre Fold
  • Straight Cut 
  • Bordered Label
  • Each End Fold 
  • Mitre Fold
  • Manhattan Fold
  • Die Cut

We have a wide variety of different materials with either woven or printed finish. Whether you’re after hem tags, care labels, size labels, satin labels, cotton labels, high density or CMYK printed, we’ve got you covered. We even have the capability to produce heat pressed woven labels, these are a totally different twist on a woven label. These labels are also a great advantage for workwear or uniforms, they can be used as tax tabs for the best purpose of rebranding.

Woven Clothing Labels from Woven INC

They are a perfect way to give your woven clothing labels that little bit something different. We can even supply size pips at our end so you don’t have to buy these in bulk or have the worry about what size tabs you are going to be left with.

You may think 1000 piece minimums are quite high but at the price we charge its super value for money, send us your design and the size you require and let us surprise you.

Folding & Bagging

Keep Organised With Our Folding & Bagging Service

Folding and Bagging is a great option for customers that will be travelling around selling their products. Having your garments folded and bagged keeps your stock organised, clean and in great condition to sell straight away. We can professionally bag your items in clear polythene bags, which fit perfectly.


We have custom made our bags so they are resealable and fit exactly to our products. If you need a packing service we have you covered. We can insert stickers, flyers or discount codes into your garments. For an extra convince we can apply size stickers so you can easily identify different sizes.


We also offer a garment description sticker which could state garment colour, print name and/or print colours. We know that some clients can have multiple coloured prints in the same design or you may only have prints on the back. We can also offer a printed bag service!

Swing tickets & Brand labels for clothing

Look Professional: Make A Statement

Swing tickets are a fantastic way to make your brand look professional and increase your awareness in the market place. Swing tickets give your garment that retail finish, ready to go up against any other brand in store.

We don’t charge extra to have both sides done or for extra colours, we have everything covered under one price bracket. All swing tickets come with a pre drilled hole approx 5mm but we do offer an additional size.

Our swing ticket printing is done in full colour, using any type of card. Your swing tickets can be 1 or 2 sided and are die cut ready to be gimbled on. Check out the great prices on our most requested sizes for swing ticket printing. For swing ticket printing outside of these sizes or additional applications please get in touch for a quote.


Are you looking for a slight shine then gloss tickets are for you. Normally they are best printed onto 350gsm sustainable card, but have a shiny finish unlike Silk Tickets.


The best seller: Silk Tickets are the most popular these are our premium silk tags, printed on smooth, sustainable 350gsm card.


100% recycled tickets may be referred to as Kraft Tags, normally they are brown in colour these are as natural as possible and are 457mic stock. We do recommend just a single colour, single sided when going for this type. Any colours in your design will be transferred on to these.


Pulp tickets are thicker and have a matte finish, they are available in many colours. They are normally around 380mic thick and have a subtle texture from the sustainable sourced pulp stock.


Get Store Ready

Your info tracker for each item, if your items are heading to a distribution centre to be logged or going straight into a store. We can get your stickers made just the way you need with every last bit of info you require. 
You can choose from barcodes being applied to your swing tickets or on the front of your poly bagged item.

Man Packing

Easing Your Stress With Man Packing

We know as a business things can get pretty busy so why not let us take on the headache of your uniform orders? Woven Inc Ltd has the capability to take on major contracts and offer a man packing service for any business.

We can offer a bespoke company uniform made to your design/specification with all your branding or we can simply produce popular stock products with your logo.


Once we have the right package set aside for you (and your many teams) and approved your uniform we can offer many initiatives to ensure a smooth roll out to your staff.

We can provide simple and effective order forms which will include garments, colours and size breaks, along with any additional applications for each sector of the company to fill in and return to your purchasing department for approval. Once everything is approved at your end and the company has set aside Purchase order numbers, simply forward over your forms and we can start the production phase.

Goods will be bagged up for each individual if needed i.e Man-packs. These will have the original order form attached also so its easily sent to the correct member of staff. Alternatively we can supply your goods in bulk order straight to the correct department or sector. For further information please just let us know, we will be happy to help.