Laundry Care Instructions

Washing symbols are used on clothing labels to provide care instructions for proper laundering. These symbols are standardized and internationally recognized, ensuring that consumers worldwide can understand how to care for their garments. Here's a detailed breakdown of common washing symbols and recommendations for including them in neck labels:

  1. Washing Temperature:

    • 30°C (86°F): Delicate or gentle cycle.
    • 40°C (104°F): Normal or standard cycle.
    • 60°C (140°F): Heavy-duty or hot cycle.
    • Hand Wash: Garment should be hand-washed.
  2. Bleaching:

    • No Bleach: Do not use bleach.
    • Bleach Allowed: Bleaching is allowed.
  3. Drying:

    • Tumble Dry: Can be dried in a tumble dryer.
    • Natural Air Drying: Should be air-dried.
    • Do Not Tumble Dry: Should not be put in a tumble dryer.
  4. Ironing:

    • Iron at Low Temperature: Use a low-temperature setting.
    • Iron at Medium Temperature: Use a medium-temperature setting.
    • Iron at High Temperature: Use a high-temperature setting.
    • Do Not Iron: Garment should not be ironed.
  5. Dry Cleaning:

    • Dry Clean Only: The garment is suitable for dry cleaning only.
    • Do Not Dry Clean: The garment should not be dry cleaned.
  6. Special Instructions:

    • Do Not Wring: Do not wring the garment after washing.
    • Do Not Dry in Sunlight: Avoid exposure to direct sunlight while drying.
    • Do Not Twist: Do not twist the garment while washing or drying.

When including these symbols in neck labels, it's common to use internationally recognized icons to convey care instructions concisely. The symbols can be accompanied by text or numerical information for clarification. For example:

  • A washing machine symbol with a number inside (30, 40, 60) indicates the recommended water temperature.
  • A triangle symbol indicates whether or not bleach can be used.
  • A square symbol with a circle inside represents tumble drying, and dots inside the circle denote the recommended heat level.
  • An iron symbol with dots inside indicates the appropriate ironing temperature.
  • A circle symbol is used for dry cleaning, and a letter inside (P, F) specifies the type of solvent to be used.

Including these symbols on neck labels helps consumers understand how to properly care for their clothing, extending the life of the garments and maintaining their quality.