Garment Finishing: The Beautiful Touch

Aug 27, 2019
Garment Finishing: The Beautiful Touch

Adding the finishing touches to any product is a great attention to detail. It’s something that will set you apart from most. Not only that but its the best way to gain a perfect product without the hassel of huge numbers and the headache of dealing with an offshore supplier.

We do this process all in house so all you have to do is deal with one supplier.

We have so many different project to set you apart from the rest:

Printed Neck Label Applications

Woven Neck Label Applications

Woven Hem Label Applications

Thermo Woven Label Applications

Swing Ticketing Applications


Folding & Bagging

We always have our team on hand to give you the best advice on what would suit your brand and to your own budget.

Simply get in touch for more details.

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