Rebrand The Right Way Forget Bespoke Go Off The Shelf

Aug 27, 2019
Rebrand The Right Way

Forget Bespoke Go Off The Shelf

Buying off the shelf is the easiest way to get quality product with low minimums.

Ever heard of relabelling? Well we are masters at it, altering a blank garment to make it unique to you and your company.

With relabelling you’ve got all the below options:

Removing neck labels - replace these with your own, you have two options.

Single Colour Printed Neck Labels

A single screen is set up with a selection of your sizes. These are printed on to a transfer paper then coated with a glue. They are put through a drier and cut into individual sizes. The original label is removed and the compatable size is pressed in its place. The press applies a specific heat and pressure to ensure you have a lasting product.

Woven Labels

We can supply woven labels in any size, shape or style. With minimums of 1000 pieces you‘ll not run out.

To apply woven labels, we assess the neck line to make the best looking outcome.

Most often we open the hem and replace it with your own. Other neck line may require you to print stitch either side or we can do a full patch label stitched in.

Alternatively we can apply the labels to any sleeve or hem line to add the extra detail.

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