The Atlantis Distressed Cargo Cap

Aug 25, 2021
The Atlantis Distressed Cargo Cap

If your looking to start a brand or bring out a range similar to that of DSquared this is definatley your go to product.

Hands down the closest match to quality and relatablility on the market.

Pairing that with first class embroidery skills and your one step closer to have an unforgetable product.

We have taken many years to perfect our 3D & 2D Embroidery skills so that they are impecable for any high street store.

We have even produced and manufactured products to go on the high street.

This item it by far a great product in terms or pricing.

A few things to take into concideration when have to price, pricing will vary based on the below:

The Type of Embroidery (2D or 3D Embroidery)

The Size of your Embroidery

The number of designs you wish to have on the cap

The number of units youd require.

We do offer branded samples from £60 and our minimums only start at 12 units. Most clients run 96 peices per designs.

Why not take a look at our online deals below:

Or if youd like to speak with our team about this in more detail just drop us an email or file a quote with us and we can get some costing over to you.

For More information on the Cargo cap see below:

Why not take a look at some one our previous work

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